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Political Activism - The American Tradition
Ways to make your views known:
1. Call members of congress.
2. Write letters to congress and letters to                            the editor in your local newspapers.
3. Online activism, in chat rooms and forums. Start your       own web site.E-mail articles to friends. Use of the web      has made a major impact on politics and has greatly        helped the conservative cause.
4. Help conservative groups and campaigns.
5. Call radio talk shows.
=  These are not the only ways to advance the conservative view. Leave a message in the guest book of other ways you have to win in the battle of ideas.
To contact members of congress:
U.S. House of  Representatives
U.S. Senate
2nd Amendment Lovers   
Political Activists Online is for conservative activists who want their opinions to be heard and to reveal the truth and facts that the liberal media covers up, lies about, distorts and ignores. Leave a message in the guest book on ways you are getting involved and ways other conservatives can. If you have a web site include the address so others can check it out and possibly exchange links.
George W Bush.com Keep the liberals and Dems in the dust!
Local Victory - guide to winning elections
The Sixty-Second Activist Club  
Liberty News Forum
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Boycott Liberals
Conservative's debating tactics:
1.  Pace yourself, be patient but consistent and firm. 
2.  Never state facts without sources. Use credible sources.
3.  Never exaggerate or misrepresent facts.
4.  Never resort to the sleazy tactics used by the opposition.
5.  Never start or enter a debate without knowledge of the             issue.
6.  Never retreat when you know you are right. Finish with a           firm statement and display confidence.
8.  Never allow the opposition to draw you off subject.
9.  Never under estimate the power of a lie or propaganda;             don't let it go unanswered. Don't assume people won't              believe it.
10.Never act, talk or conduct yourself in a manner that                 diminishes or brings disrespect to the conservative cause.
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George W. Bush presidency has been a great success.
Point out the great success President Bush as had with the war on terrorism and tax cuts.
George W Bush.com Strong economy, defeating terrorism.
Make a conservative website - Get the conservative message out by publishing your own website. Information on how to create your website.
Start a Conservative Blog
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